Biotin for Horses: the essential vitamin element for tissue health

General definition of Biotin and use of Biotin for Horses

Biotin for horses is an ancient product applied also to the equestrian world as supplement to improve horse’s performances.
Biotin was discovered during a study that sought to understand the reasons of the alterations and the growth of the skin on a sample of animals fed only with raw egg and proteins derived from the same.
This substance is best known as a supplement to improve the quality of the horse mane. It consists of vitamin H and it’s used to relieve symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis in animals.
Biotin for Horses is present in different metabolic reactions involving the transfer of carbon dioxide. This vitamin is necessary for the growth of the cells to produce fatty acids and amino acids. In addition, it helps to maintain a constant level of sugars in blood.
Biotin is contained in foods such as seafood, liver, tomatoes, human milk and cow, dairy and egg yolk.

What experts say about the use of Biotin for Horses

In horses, biotin improves the growth of the hair, the skin, and in a special way the nail.
Deficiency of this vitamin may cause the fragility of the hoof and weakness of the same.
During times of seasonal change, horses hair needs a higher consumption of Biotin for horses. If your horse doesn’t take this vitamin, he may have hair loss and issues related to the hoof.
Our vision to create products to improve horse’s health, inspired us to study and produce a supplement for horses with a unique formulation.
Indeed, Melbiotin by Terra di Cuma includes the Melilotus (a powerful plan extract).
It’s a product to boost health and wellness of your horse.
Did you know? Biotin has a low of bioavailability. To ensure a greater assimilation of this vitamin by the horse, our studies have identified a valid solution in the Melilotus.
The Biotin for Horses made by Terra di Cuma was enriched with this important natural element, which favors a greater spraying of blood vessels.
It facilitates the assimilation of biotin, improving the keratinization and acceleration of the hooves growth.

Discover our product, and tell us your opinion:

We at Terra di Cuma recommend to give to your horse a measuring cup a day of Melbiotin, for about a month. In this way, it enables the horse to assume a little less than 50 mg of biotin per day.
We don’t recommend taking Melbiotin in cases of overt bleeding.
Think about the health and well-being of your horse.



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