Pozzuoli and Cuma are two of the Campania’s main centres of history and culture, in particular from the Iron age (IX-VIII century B.C) until the Middle Ages.
Cuma is considered as one of the oldest colony of Magna Graecia. Probably it was the first colony to create a link between Western and Eastern Mediterranean Sea. That was long before the foundation of the city of Cuma.

Cuma was a cradle of civilization. During the first archaeological excavations there were found terracotta pots containing unguents for beauty care. Cuma is linked also to the famous myth of the Sibilla, known as Sibilla Cumana. In the third book of Aeneid by Virgil, we have the first testimony about the oracle of Cuma.

Ever Since 1970, trotter horses have been treated at Cuma’s seaside. They are trained on the beach and, thanks to the sea and the high rate of iodine in the air, they are healed from any kind of limb or muscle conditions.

For the horse, healing and training in Cuma is a treat. That’s why we decided to start Terra di Cuma ltd., taking inspiration both from ancient tradition of unguents and from seaside treatment techniques of today.

Cuma’s History – Terra di Cuma.

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