Racing Horses: Features and Curiosity

The Birth of Racing Horses’ Culture

Racing Horses are probably the most fascinating horses that exist in the animal world.
Their use in racing is one of the oldest in all sports and its basic concept has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries: the first horse to come to the finish line is the winner.

Born as a race of speed and / or resistance between two equines, Horse Races always show breathtaking spectacle; in the past, they were destined to a niche audience, but today they have expanded their reach, embracing an ever-wider public and becoming a reference sector.

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History of Horses in Sport

The first Horse Race, as far as they know, could come back long time ago. Both racing with the wagons and those mounted directly on horseback were held in the Greek Olympic Games. Horse races werw a popular entertainment enjoyed by ancient Roman and Greek populations.
Riding Horses, however, were already used by peoples such as Chinese, Persians, Arabs and Africans. As is well known, England is also a country lover of this sport. In the Middle Ages, horses had to show all their speed and power in front of their potential buyers.


The Most Famous Racing Horses

All Racing Horses involves pure-bred equines; main ones are Thoroughbred, Arabian Horse and the Quarter Horse.

Racing HorsesThoroughbred derive from the intersection between Arabian horses, Turcomanni and Berber with English species. The sporty feature of purebred is that they can walk through the medium to very fast pitch distances and have the right balance between strength and speed

Arab horses come from Middle East and they are particularly known for their great resistance over long distances; That’s why they were often used in battle to protect themselves from enemies. This type of equine, in fact, has plenty of muscle fibers that allow him to sustain high rhythms for long periods, but he does not have too much muscle, so he can be fast on the long distance, making it optimal for endurance

Quarter Horses come from a cross between British and Spanish breeds. They are very muscular and massive racing horses, especially to the back, for this reason they were often used for plowing. To be successful in the race, as they are able to accelerate quickly, these horses need to move forward at very high speed and to travel long distances: during first races it was very expensive to use Quarter Horses for a mile of track, so they agreed That it would be appropriate to create paths of four hundred meters (a quarter of a mile). From here comes their name.


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