Sport Horse Performance: How to improve it, and which product to use

A job that needs love, time and expertise: improve the Sport Horse Performance

The Sport Horse Performance is a goal to reach in order to improve the horses health. The choice of which supplements to adopt for your equine friend can make the difference.
Of course, this should be managed in a coherent way, in line with the different types of horse disciplines.
On the market there are several products with different ingredients, which are designed to improve the horse’s athletic results.
Many supplements are necessary only if the horse has particular needs, but in horse competition there are supplements which should be included in the horse’s diet.
Terra di Cuma recommends the use of at least three product categories. In particular, a joint supplements, a hoof supplement and an electrolytes supplement.

The best supplements to improve the Sport Horse Performance

Sport Horse Performance

An essential supplement is that for the hoof.
Many horses are characterized by a weakness and fragility of the hoof. Often, these problems are related, for example, to a high humidity during the summertime.
We recommend to use a hoof supplement with an elevated bioavailability of Biotin, like the our Melbiotin . Solving the hoof issues may take up to 6 months, with the risk of not being ready for the race.


A good joint supplement can stop the deterioration process caused by the stress level in sport horses during the competitions.
Horses spend most of their time grazing. So when they have a competitive effort, it causes wear on the joints.
Feed the horse in a steady way is better than an occasional assumption of these substances..
A constant and good nutrition improves the performance of the sport horse.

Terra di Cuma, , as well as advising proper training of the horse, it offers a series of products designed ad hoc, which have high levels of key active ingredients and everyone has been approved from a scientific point of view.

Our MSM-Sulfurvet, is a synergistic complex based on MSM of natural origin, is designed to act at muscular and joint level, favoring the stimulation of the regeneration of the tissue and, so, improve the equine sports results .

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MSM Sulfurvet


It provides energy by reducing the concentration of lactic acid. This formulation is rich in vitamins and amino acids that improves the Sport Horse Performances.

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Importance of electrolyte balance in the horse

Although there is an abuse of several supplements, the least used, in our experience, are electrolytes. They are vital for a large number of biological functions (cerebral, muscular, cardiovascular and digestive).
Even if the horse doesn’t appear sweaty, every day the animal loses electrolytes through the droppings; when the animal is subjected to a physical stress, he increases the need of electrolytic elements.

If you want to learn more about the electrolyte balance, read here:

Too often, equine nutrition is poor of sodium and salt (sodium chloride) and although many people try to overcome the problem by providing to the animal blocks of salt. At least three scientific studies have shown that horses are unable to reach and to balance the level of these minerals through this remedy.

For these reasons, athletic horses need an electrolyte supplement and it should be taken daily. Many athletes make the mistake of adding electrolytes to food ration only in hot periods or in the few days before the race.

This approach has two potential problems: if the horse loses electrolytes, day after day, for several months during training, and doesn’t have an integration of the same, the addition of electrolytes just before the competition will produce the opposite effect.

The second problem is that, suddenly adding electrolytes to the feed ration, the horse may have some problems. In particular, the horse may refuse food and have gastrointestinal disturbances. It is advisable, therefore, a supplement of consistent electrolytes and intended for the specific type of horse. In addition, we suggest avoiding products that include sugar (glucose, dextrose) topped the list of ingredients, because it is not proved that sugars are needed for horses to end absorption of electrolytes.

So far, we have examined the case of shortage of electrolytes, how we can understand if there is an excess of the same? The first signal of this overabundance of electrolytic condition is the increase of the horse’s thirst.

Terra di Cuma’s solution is REYSAL. It provides energy to improve sports performance thanks to the presence of carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids.

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€ 65.00 (3 Kg) – € 180.00 (10 Kg)

It provides energy to improve the equine performances, thanks to the presence of carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids.

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Lastly, if you are participating in competitions, it is important that you are careful and be sure not to give supplements that contain banned and doping substances, according to the national reference standards.
For example, valerian is used as a sedative, but was banned as a substance. Try in this regard to stock up on products that ensure the consumer reporting the statement NO DOPING on the label.
Indeed, there are substances that you might find in a supplement that can compromise the doping test. Common contaminants are for example caffeine, theophylline, atropine.

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